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Investing In The Future: Your Skin

June 08, 2016

Using oils instead of chemical-filled lotions may not look any different day to day, but in 10 – 20 years, your skin may show a real difference. Think of your skin as another aspect of life that is important to prioritize for the long term. For example, you know that eating a healthy, balanced, diet is important for maintaining health and happiness. What you eat today will reflect how you feel in the future. If you continuously and habitually load your body with foods that are hard to digest, clog arteries, loaded with artificial junk, and generally wreak havoc on your internal organs, you can expect your body to begin showing the negative effects of such poor treatment. Your skin,... Continue Reading →

How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation with Verità Argan + Cypress Oils

May 05, 2016

Mindfulness and meditation may seem like an unrealistic feat for the average busy-minded person. You may hear yourself say, ‘It’s 2016, who has time to relax?’ or think, ‘There’s just so much to do before the day is over!’ If this is you, you’re not alone. Mindfulness meditation can definitely be difficult at first, but the practice can be incredibly rewarding. The theory behind mindfulness meditation is to stay grounded and to quiet the mind. Modern society forces us to constantly be on the move, one way or another. But if you can allow yourself to cultivate mindfulness, you could create the power to slow life down while reducing stress and anxiety. There are three basic components to improve mindfulness:... Continue Reading →