How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation with Verità Argan + Cypress Oils

Mindfulness and meditation may seem like an unrealistic feat for the average busy-minded person. You may hear yourself say, ‘It’s 2016, who has time to relax?’ or think, ‘There’s just so much to do before the day is over!’ If this is you, you’re not alone. Mindfulness meditation can definitely be difficult at first, but the practice can be incredibly rewarding.

The theory behind mindfulness meditation is to stay grounded and to quiet the mind. Modern society forces us to constantly be on the move, one way or another. But if you can allow yourself to cultivate mindfulness, you could create the power to slow life down while reducing stress and anxiety.

There are three basic components to improve mindfulness: body, breathing, and thoughts.


Begin first by finding a quiet seat in a room that has limited distractions. You can decorate this area as you’d like, but try to fill it with sacred, relaxing objects, or candles so that the environment is totally and completely yours to enjoy. You want to be comfortable as well (most people sit cross-legged with their palms on their knees) so incorporate a pillow, yoga mat, or something you are comfortable sitting on for minutes at a time.


After you find your meditation spot and posture, it’s time to focus on breathing. This is a great time to use Verità Argan + Cypress Oils blend. We formulated this product to help with staying mindful and grounded during your mediation practice. Put a few drops on your fingers, inhale the scents, and rub on your face around your nose and mouth. You can also place the Argan + Cypress Oil blend on the temples or palms to enjoy the earthy, herbaceous fusion of nature. As you breathe, remain aware of how it feels to breathe, but don’t pressure yourself to breathe a certain way. Allow this step to be as natural as possible. Breathe deeply in through the nose for a count of three. Breathe out through your mouth. Repeat at least 10 times. If you have the time, focus on breathing for five minutes at a time. After a week of sitting for five minutes, you will notice a difference in your mood.


The third step in achieving mindfulness during meditation is working on your thoughts. Many of us are exhaustingly busy women. Clearing our thoughts of the day can be quite difficult. During meditation, allow thoughts to come and go. Some will be memories, future plans, or what you’re going to do after meditation. The point of this step is to allow thoughts to naturally occur, but remain connected to the breath while doing so. Try to stay centered in your meditation room, inhale the new and exhale the old while letting the body find peace. You do not need to force the mind to “stop thinking.” You simply want to allow your thoughts to swim in and out while staying grounded in your practice. Acknowledge that you have thoughts and feelings but do not judge yourself for their content. Simply watch the thoughts arise, categorize the thought or feeling, and let it go.

Mindful meditation takes time, patience, and effort but the results are truly worth it. If you are feeling run down, exhausted, emotional, or lost, it may be a practice to look into trying. Anyone can practice mindfulness meditation and reap the positive rewards of the practice. Use Verità Argan + Cypress Oil blend to help trigger your safe space for mindfulness meditation. Repeat.

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