Investing In The Future: Your Skin

Using oils instead of chemical-filled lotions may not look any different day to day, but in 10 – 20 years, your skin may show a real difference. Think of your skin as another aspect of life that is important to prioritize for the long term. For example, you know that eating a healthy, balanced, diet is important for maintaining health and happiness. What you eat today will reflect how you feel in the future. If you continuously and habitually load your body with foods that are hard to digest, clog arteries, loaded with artificial junk, and generally wreak havoc on your internal organs, you can expect your body to begin showing the negative effects of such poor treatment. Your skin, if not cared for properly, will do the same, and the negative effects may even begin occurring at a faster pace.

The Link Between Nutrition and Your Skin

Though there is a likely chance your diet is already fairly balanced and your skincare routine is pretty great, (I mean, you’re visiting us here, that must account for something!) both concepts are very much connected. By now, you probably realize that what you eat directly influences the state of your skin as well as your entire bodily system. If you aren’t enlightened to this fact, it’s an important one to note and remember. Our bodies love to be nourished with healthy, whole foods. When we are filled with nutrition, it shows. We’re more energetic, happier, calmer, and our skin looks more flawless. Now, there are certain things that also factor into the state of our skin (hormones, genes, weather, etc.) but what we eat day to day is one of the more underrated yet most important factors in maintaining health and flawless skin.

Why You Should Avoid Conventional Lotions

Consider your daytime and nighttime beauty routine. Does some sort of facial lotion or cream feature into it? Unfortunately, most lotions are filled with harsh ingredients, fillers and chemicals that may make your skin appear hydrated right after use. Read our article on Synthetic Chemical Ingredients used in lotions. After years of use their nasty side-effects may start to show up in your skin. Bottom line, they feel good now but in 20 years, you’ll look into the mirror and think, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”

So what’s wrong with lotions and creams? For starters, they’re loaded with harsh chemicals. These chemicals are manufactured in a lab and only included to make you think you’re on the road to fight fine lines, wrinkles, soothe dry skin, maintain youthfulness, achieve a natural glow, you know…the stuff we all want! Yes, lotions are tempting and yes, there is a time and place for lotions. If you’re going to include one in your skincare routine, be sure the ingredient list is fairly short and contains nothing “strange.” Our article Death to Alcohol in Skin Care can also guide you to what strange actually means for skin care ingredients. In a nutshell, if you’re searching for long term health for your skin, an oil, specifically an argan oil, may be your answer.

The French Way

The French have already discovered the secret to maintaining flawless skin. We know that they don’t seem to age and we know the nation isn’t particularly overweight, despite their love of bread and cheese. What are they doing that Americans are not? Mireille Guiliano wrote an entire book on the subject titled, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts. According to an article in Well + Good, Guiliano “swears by green veggies, fruit, yogurt, and buckets of water, as well as a combo platter of healthy skin protectants and nourishers – argan oil, daily moisturizer, sunscreen, and a weekly honey face mask.” Basically, to achieve the skin of a 67 year-old French woman (that’s how old Guiliano is!) you have to minimalize your beauty routine and maintain a balanced diet. Guiliano also says that loving yourself doesn’t hurt either!

Less is More

A minimal skincare routine is smarter and simpler – and you can achieve all of your flawless skin desires by using only a few products. Less is More, Still So Much More and Argan oil (the good, pure, real stuff) is definitely an investment, and a long term one at that. You understand that flawless skin and skincare in general isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, patience, and a little self-love. You may already invest in organic produce at the grocery store, why shouldn’t your skin get the same kind of treatment? Plus, if you use argan oil, it’s the only kind of moisturizer, serum, oil you will ever need. In the end, it actually saves you money.

Our argan oil at Verità Skin is special. Our production supports female farmers, is fair trade, organic, environmentally sustainable, and cruelty-free. It contains nothing artificial or synthetic, no parabens or phthalates, and no chemicals. Just the real deal, minimalistic kind of beauty you need for the long haul.

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