Fall Skin Update: Less is More, Still So Much More

I’ve said this for a while – less is so much more. I’m finding that when it comes to my skin care regimen, it is not just a mantra that goes along with using high quality Argan oil, it is a way of life for how I take care of my own skin. Like everyone else, I love trying new products, testing new formulas, and creating my own do-it-yourself recipes at home to try to find the best skin care on the market and in my kitchen. The products keep piling up and I don’t have time or the need for most of them. In addition, my poor, sensitive skin doesn’t always enjoy the trials of the latest trends as much as I love brewing them up.

As the seasons change, so does how I treat my skin. I have combination skin on my face, my legs are bone dry from the knees down, and I have oily skin everywhere else. Keeping up with dual regimens for dry and oily skin can be exhausting. In the summertime, the humidity keeps my pores active and I tend to break out more on my face. I usually add a toner once a day (always alcohol-free because I can’t stand the thought or feel of alcohol-based products) which helps regulate the production of my face’s natural oils during the hot months and in hot climates like the beach.

Now that it is fall, my skin gets a little bit drier and I can stop using the toner and take off one step from the daily routine. My skin in the fall tends to be more normal – meaning that it does not over-produce sebum (the natural skin oil) and it is not cold enough outside to thoroughly dry out my face. In the spring and fall, I can therefore go minimal for my skin.

My perfect fall skin care ritual is to wash my face and body at night with an organic oil-based exfoliator that contains sugar, coffee, or salt. Because I use an oil-based formula, there is no need to moisturize after a shower. In the morning, I rinse my face with water and add a pure oil to hydrate my skin. By dampening my face with the water, it preps my skin to absorb the oil quickly before putting on makeup and running out the door to work. And that’s it. Using organic ingredients like sugars and salts have also evened out my skin and helped to reduce scars from acne. The oil-based exfoliators add moisture so my skin is softer and healthier every time I wash. This time of year allows me to spend almost no time on my skin while maximizing the results for my complexion.

My favorite products are, of course, Verità Argan oils and body scrubs. I am currently using Verità’s seasonal Coconut Palm Sugar Face Scrub. Sugar is a gentle exfoliator delicate enough for my acne-prone facial skin and helps prevent clogging my large oily-skin pores. The massage involved in finely ground sugars help wash away dead skin cells from building up and improves the skin’s circulation. Sugar contains organic alpha-hydroxy acid that promotes cell regeneration to keep me looking young. Verità’s sugar face scrub has three oils – Argan oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, and Grape Seed oil – that stripe away the oiliness in my skin. Verità believes in the oil cleansing method where oil dissolves oil from the face instead of using alcohol to evaporate sebum since it also breaks down the skin’s natural defensive layer. Not only do the oils in Verità’s face scrub dissolve dirt and oil from the skin, they also moisturize. The sugar face scrub has additional essential oils of Tea Tree to fight acne breakouts, Lavender to help heal skin, and Grapefruit to protect from aging. I love the sugar scrub because I only have to use one product on my face to deals with the dryness and oily sections of my combination skin all at once.

Next, I scrub down with Verità’s Coffee & Argan Oil Body Scrub with Cinnamon & Clove. The festive aromas from the coffee, clove, and cinnamon in this product is the best to wake up to in the morning and scrub down with at night – it’s just so much fun that I look forward to bathing! The coffee exfoliates skin helping to improve the skin’s circulation and decrease cellulite and varicose veins over time. When spring time comes, my legs will be ready for shorts. The coffee scrub is also amazing after a workout because the clove essential oil helps relax my muscles – such a multitasking shower buddy. In addition, the body scrub doesn’t dry out my skin because the Argan oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, and Apricot oil moisturize while adding vitamins and nutrients to skin. I simply love the combination of these two scrubs!

Part of my skin care routine means keeping the agitation to my skin to a minimum. I only wash once a day, despite the urge to keep scrubbing away to get rid of oil to prevent blemishes from forming. By sticking to the once-a-day wash, my skin has started to produces less oil. I don’t have a need to pat dry my face in the bathroom at work anymore nor use face wipes at the office. When I rinse with water in the morning, I follow by hydrating my skin with one of Verità’s Skin Therapies. They are all so lovely smelling that I rotate them depending on the desired aromatherapy boost I want that day. My current favorite is Verità Anti-Aging Day Regimen with SPF. The Frankincense essential oil alerts my senses in the morning while adding a protective layer of SPF with the red raspberry seed oil. Palmarosa and orange essential oils help fight the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles. So much goodness packed in this little bottle of natural oils – simply amazing.

While I rationally know the oils are good for my skin, I’m drawn to Argan oil as a skin moisturizer more so for the way it makes me feel when I use it. I feel I have been let in on a timeless beauty secret hidden from the world and tucked away in Morocco. I feel smug for only using three small drops a day and saving hundreds by not buying expensive anti-aging creams. I feel wiser than I did in my twenties because I never knew my skin could feel this soft. While I can’t save the world, I can buy Argan oil from a women’s farm knowing that the profits help support a family in central Morocco and her children will go to school. Most of all, I just feel happy and I smile at myself in the mirror ready to face the world. It hits so many irrational emotions that I can’t seem to go a day without lathering my skin in just a few drops of Argan oil. While the leaves change, what stays the same is my trust in Argan oil.

Certainly, I had to plug my own products because I’m in love with them and want to share their benefits with everyone. In reality, they are simple concoctions that one can mix at home with your own ingredients found entirely in your kitchen. Our scrubs are made from 100% organic ingredients, so it’s not rocket science and you don’t need a lab to get fantastic skin. When you don’t have time to mix up your own batch, there is always your handmade local company Verità.

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