Argan Oil Skin Therapies

Verità is pleased to present a new line of skin care treatment – Verità Skin Therapies – that nurture aging, tired, blemished, and painful skin ailments. Combining the concentrated moisturizing properties of organic Argan oil and the healing therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils, Verità has mastered the medicinal qualities of nature. Developed by Verità founder Amanda Riggs and health and nutrition specialist Jennifer Paolucci, Verità Skin Therapies are 100% organic oils that help heal, rejuvenate, and improve the look and feel of skin, while also creating a holistic balance within all of the body’s systems.


About Amanda Riggs

Amanda is an international trade specialist that lived and worked for many years in the Middle East. She is founder and CEO of Washington, D.C.,-based Verità, the luxury organic skin care company founded on the philosophy that Verità products are made from certified organic ingredients that are good for the skin, imported from fair trade cooperatives that positively impact the community especially for women, 

and are supplied with sustainable materials that are eco-conscious. Verità empowers women by importing Argan oil from Morocco and empowers the consumer to use healthy nutrients on the body.

About Jennifer Paolucci

Jennifer is a health and wellness counselor that uses a holistic approach to guiding individuals towards a balanced and joyful lifestyle by incorporating healthy nutrition, exercise, meditation, and essential oils. She is founder and CEO of Chess Fitness, a concierge service for health and well-being, in Los Angeles, California. Her clients range from adolescents to 80 years old with goals

such as sports training and general health and well-being. She is a nutrition expert that specializes in the application of essential oils into balanced lifestyles.