We are a company founded on the following pillars:

  • We buy our ingredients from FEMALE FARMERS around the world to empower women
  • Each product is HANDMADE FRESH IN DC by women
  • We use ORGANIC ingredients to provide women with healthy products
  • We source FAIR-TRADE
  • All production is CRUELTY-FREE

Read more about how THE VERITÀ PHILOSOPHY  came to be.


For all of Verità products, a little goes a long way and the value you get when you own our products goes up, way up. For the Verità Classic 100% pure Argan oil and the each of the Skin Therapies, you only need a few drops a day. We recommend 3-5 drops on your face. In a 30ml bottle, there are 600 drops and the small bright yellow bottle will last you on average 120 days, that’s four months and less than $0.50 a day. For our Dead Sea Salt & Argan Oil Body Scrubs, just scoop a small dab into you hand and exfoliate your body from top to bottom. The salts and oils pack a huge punch at spreading all over, removing dead skin cells, and moisturizing. In our small bottles of Organic Facial Toner and Organic Oil Makeup Remover, all you need is a few dab on a cotton round for your entire face. Go ahead, see just how far these powerful ingredients will go at clearing your skin.


All of our skin care products use a combination of organic oils, butter, salts, sugars, beeswax, coffee, herbs, and spices and that’s it. Each product is made from 99-100% certified organic ingredients. The 1% lies in two products only: the first is a phthalate-free, nitro-musk free natural fragrance oil in our six perfumes; the second is a lip-safe coloring and natural flavor oil in our lip balms and lip, hand, and cuticle balms. All of our other products are free from synthetic chemicals. Our motto – “The Truth is in the Label” which we empower our community of customers to know exactly what is going on their skin and in the body. You won’t find hard to pronounce chemically manufactured ingredients in our skin care line. The benefit of using only oils and butters and the like is that you give your skin vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis.


Consumer brands cut their skin care products with cheap chemical fillers to provide you gigantic-sized tubes at dirt cheap prices. In that case, you get what you pay for – little to no nutritional value for your skin and a whole lot of synthetic skin irritants. Anything that foams like in facial cleansers and body gels have an added chemical that specifically makes it foam. They provide no nutritional value to the skin and give off toxins to the body.

The problem with the cosmetic and personal care industry is that there are no regulations on labeling. The Atlas of Population and Environment (AAAS) estimated there were 7,500 different chemical ingredients used in the cosmetic industry. Government bodies were created to protect, regulate, and oversee harmful ingredients but do not have a mandate, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as laws including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). It is therefore up to the consumer to educate themselves about chemicals in skin care and to use their power of purchasing to ban harmful toxins from going on their skin.


Verità is the only organic Argan oil skin care line on the market. There are other organic brands that do not use all organic ingredients nor the highest quality oils such as Argan oil. In addition, Argan oil companies often use synthetic chemicals in their products, where our entire line is uses 99-100% organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on our unique product line. You won’t find these products anywhere else using high-quality Argan oil such as ours. This is the Verità difference.


Verità is a proponent for the oil cleansing method. We understand that you don’t need chemical cleaners to wash your skin. When you strip skin with harsh cleansing agents or alcohols that leave a film that leaves a tight dry feeling, skin will work hard to compensate by producing more oil. Verità body and face scrubs utilize natural oils precisely because oil dissolves oil on your skin as a natural cleansing process. Breakouts are instead caused by hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells, and poor diet – not the imbalance of oil. Our skin naturally produces oil which keeps the skin soft and looking young. Thus, the oil cleansing method is when you massage oil into the skin, dirt and oil that has hardened in your pores will dissolve and be removed in the process. After washing, apply Verità oils as a skin moisturizer to prevent the skin from over compensation and producing too much oil. One only needs to use the oil cleansing method once a day and be careful not over cleanse the face.


The myth in the media is that oil skin care will cause further acne and breakouts. Acne is caused by hormones, diet, dead skin cells, and a host of other factors that influence the skin to over-produce sebum leading to breakouts. Cleansing too often, using alcohol on the face, washing with synthetic chemicals strips the skin of its natural oils causing it to release mass amounts of sebum to replenish, which simply leads to more acne and ages the skin faster. The oil cleansing method uses plant oils to remove oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from the face while adding vitamins and nutrients to the skin so it may relax in its production of sebum, leaving it healthier and clear over time. When customers switch to organic skin care for the first time, there is a 1-2 week detox period where the skin will fight to release all the harmful toxins it has built up. There may be an initial breakout period upon changing brands, but skin will clear up shortly thereafter. For stubborn acne, Verità has its Skin Therapy Acne & Rosacea Fighter that uses organic essential oils to clear skin, heal, reduce redness, and balance pH.


Organic oils are comprised of a unique set of vitamins and nutrient compositions. They serve different functions while some are better suited as cleansers and others as moisturizers. Verità uses high quality organic Argan oil – illustrated by a deep yellow color, thick rich texture, and light absorbency – and makes the ideal skin moisturizer for the face and hands. It has a high concentration of vitamin E making skin silky soft and contains antioxidants to protect aging aging. Organic castor oil is perfect to wash the face using the oil cleansing method and then wiped off with a wash cloth in the shower. Our Organic Makeup Remover distinctly uses organic Rose Hip oil which is packed with retinols (vitamin A) to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Our Organic Body Creams pair the velvety feel of Argan oil with the vitamin-packed Coconut oil to give the skin a healthy feel and shine. Organic Macadamia Nut oil is used in our chic perfumes as it helps fix their scents to the skin longer. Organic Grape Seed oil is well-suited in our Skin Toner & Tightener because it is a slight astringent that helps tighten skin. Organic Red Raspberry seed oil contains natural UVA and UVB blockers as a organic SPF 28-50 equivalent to titanium dioxide. Organic Apricot Seed oil and Camellia oil are ideal oils to use on mature skin but too heavy for young skin. Organic Flax Seed and Sacha Inchi oil help balance the skin's natural sebum to prevent acne breakouts. With so many wonderful oils on the market, the first step is knowing one's skin type for best results with organic skin care.



Organic ingredients that have been certified demonstrate the highest standard of safety, reliability, and assurance that the ingredient has been processed without chemical solvents or other synthetics that react on the body. Natural does not always carry the same weight as organic. An ingredient supplier still must demonstrate their processing techniques. For instance, our Anti-Aging Skin Therapy uses a natural Red Raspberry Seed Oil that our supplier has guaranteed is cold pressed without using chemicals in the extraction process. However, we advise all consumers to read the labels to understand what the brand considers natural. Some companies have ‘Organic’ written on the front, but the label shows only a small fraction of their ingredients are actually organic and the remaining are chemical fillers.