Women Empower Women

Dear Fellow Socially-Conscious Shoppers,

If you're like me, you want your dollar spent to mean something and not just go down a black hole. The reason I stared Verità Skin was to source Argan oil from Moroccan female farmers near the Atlas Mountains that support their children with the money earn from tending to the Argan tree. But how did I get here? That desire to work with women around the world came from when I lived in Egypt for four years. You can read all about my adventures and mishaps in my book Working in the Middle East: An American Woman's Story, where I demystify the rules of business engagement for foreign women. It is also a story about how to overcome adversity with the right mindset, which I apply to all areas of my life today. 

Living outside the United States in an emerging market helped me put my priorities straight. I continue that passion for empowering women in business by partnering with other entrepreneurs.

I try to keep my life simple. I enjoy the scent of fresh flowers every week and keep my calendar empty. My go-to outfit is a white tee, the clean line of a blazer, handmade turquoise necklace, and jeans. I eat organic food and ignore processed meals. I love sipping a glass of Meritage wine at the end of the day because I like to know how the grapes were blended. I often walk down the street without my headphones, just because. A few drops of Argan oil under my eyes in the morning, a dash of cocoa eyeliner, and lip balm to go.

Meditation may be a fad, but you try to be mindful in the moment of the joy and beauty around you.

If you're like me, you've already checked out the competition in skin care brands and came back here because you wanted to know more about the female-run farms in Morocco that provide real living wages for women producers that support their families and provide education to their children. When you make a purchase, you want it to matter.

You're willing to invest in your skin by using organic oils. You know maintaining great skin doesn't happen overnight but that continued and sustained use of quality, fresh ingredients is the only real way to keep your skin healthy as you age gracefully.

Your choices are educated. That doesn’t mean complicated to understand. Why would I use lab-orchestrated compounds that are toxic for my skin?

The Verità motto The Truth is in the Label means so much to you and it does to me, because I too am tired of being disappointed when companies don’t do what they say they do.

I created Verità Skin to empower every woman, and keep life simple.

- Amanda xoxo

We support Female Farmers: Argan oil from Morocco, Shea Butter from Ghana and Nigeria, Coconut Palm Sugar from Indonesia, and Coffee from Peru