Argan Oil Perfume - Idyllic Lilac 15 ml

Idyllic Lilac – a scent to create the feeling of everlasting devotion. Lilac captures the forever young emotion that says ‘until death do us part.’

Our ‘Stand Next to Me Scents & Softeners’ combine pure floral scents with the velvety softening power of Argan oil. Verità Chic Argan Oil Perfumes evoke the experience of the lovers’ embrace like a French black and white photograph by Robert Doisneau from the 1930’s. Get caught up in the moment with your lover when he pulls you back over his arm to kiss you softly in the passing breeze. He takes your Verità fragrance in and brushes against the knap of your neck silky smooth from the Argan oil.

Verità Chic Argan Oil Perfumes soften and seduce. While they do not fill the room, they are for your lover only.


Our Argan oil is source from a women’s Fair Trade cooperative in Morocco that is 100% certified organic.

Ingredients: Argan oil*, Macadamia Nut oil*, and natural Lilac fragrance oil (phthalate-free and nitro musk-free). This product is made from 100% organic* and natural ingredients.

Absolutely NO synthetic chemicals.

No Parabens – No Phthalates – No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates – No PEGS (polyethylene glycols) or petrochemical products – No Alcohols


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