Verità Anti-Aging Day Regimen with SPF

Slow skin’s aging with natural Orange + Frankincense Fruit-Herb Fusion in Verità Anti-Aging Day Regimen with SPF

Take-charge Tammy wants to prevent wrinkles today so she doesn’t have to think about it tomorrow. Could she find what she’s looking for in Verità’s Anti-Aging Day Regimen with SPF?

Sweet fruit and delicate spice merge in this Verità Anti-Aging with SPF. With the woes of the world on her shoulders, Tammy can rest assured that her skin will stay soft and firm longer with Verità Argan oil. She applies a few drops of this mega-hydrating serum under and around her eyes, smoothes on her forehead and smile lines, and rubs into her neck and facial skin once a day, in the morning. Our aromatic herb-fruit fusion imbues a sense of peace & empowerment as Tammy moisturizes! It’s additive-free, chemical-free, and handmade from 100% organic and natural ingredients.

  • Imagine the citrus spritz of Orange wedded to the fresh, floral, uplifting scent of Palmarosa.
  • Then add the earthiness of distilled Frankincense arm-in-arm with the invigorating joy of Lavender!
  • In a base of organic Argan, these four essential oils work together to keep your face looking and feeling smooth day after day.
  • Formulated to improve your skin’s elasticity while brightening tone, our Regimen adds cold-pressed, anti-inflammatory Red Raspberry Seed Oil to the mix for its ability to block UV rays and give your skin SPF protection of 28 to 50.
  • Better still, you’re giving something back to the Moroccan women of the Argan cooperative.


Our Argan oil is source from a women’s Fair Trade cooperative in Morocco that is 100% certified organic.

Ingredients: Argan oil*, Red Raspberry Seed oil**, and Essential oils* of Orange, Palmarosa, Frankincense, and Lavender. This product is made from 100% organic* and wild harvested** ingredients.

Absolutely NO synthetic chemicals.

No Parabens – No Phthalates – No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates – No PEGS (polyethylene glycols) or petrochemical products – No Alcohols


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