Verità Argan + Lavender Oils - Calm & Relaxed

Conquer the world with Verità Argan + Lavender Oils

Meet Erica: A busy Midwestern girl who loves horses and trail riding, but how does she tame her skin when stress rears its ugly head with a rash or blemish outbreak?

Spending her days outdoors and around animals, Erica's skin gets red, rashy, and scratchy despite her daily showers after hitting the barn. Not to worry, she knows she has Verità Argan + Lavender Oils to keep her skin's pH balanced and her stress levels in check. Erica loves Argan oil for its one million and one uses to keep skin soft and hair sleek, and she's committed to purchasing this little yellow oil from Verità which sources from women farmers in Morocco.  Organic Lavender oil helps calm Erica and keeps her relaxed so she can focus on her true loves, Juniper and Clementine.  The secret is out, Argan and lavender are a dynamic duo that soothe and heal all of skin's little ailments.


Our Argan oil is source from a women’s Fair Trade cooperative in Morocco. We only use 100% certified organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Argan oil* and Lavender essential oil*. This product is made from 100% organic* ingredients.

Absolutely NO synthetic chemicals.

No Parabens – No Phthalates – No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates – No PEGS (polyethylene glycols) or petrochemical products – No Alcohols


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