Coffee & Argan Oil Body Scrub with Cinnamon & Clove - 8oz Bath Size

Women’s Fair Trade Coffee & Argan Oil Body Scrub with Cinnamon & Clove

Health-nut Heather needs a quick fix for her skin as she looks after her three children. Could there be a solution to her cellulite and varicose veins?

Have no fear Heather! Verità’s Coffee & Argan Oil Body Scrub comes to the rescue. Caffeine in coffee is the #1 killer of cellulite and visible veins so Heather can stimulates her skin’s blood flow with some serious in-home spa pampering. A festive blend of Cinnamon and Clove merge during this fall season to invigorate her senses in the shower with a boost of this deep roast Fair Trade Coffee. Luxurious skin moisturizing oils soften, protect, and cleanse Heather’s body, no need for lotion post-wash, so she can return to her family in record time.

  • We source our socially conscious body scrub from an all-Women Fair Trade small farm down in Peru. Fresh roasted every time, our certified organic Coffee is sustainably grown and maintained.
  • If the feel good coffee wasn’t enough, we’ve added Fair Trade Coconut Palm Sugar to the mix to help maintain skin’s natural oil balance for all skin types.
  • Organic Cinnamon Spice restores shine and softness to dry, scaly skin.
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Clove Essential Oil relieves muscles to wash away stress.
  • The ever popular Pumpkin Seed Oil improves skin tone, helps wound heal faster, and increases skin renewal.
  • Fast absorbing Apricot Oil will ensure balance of oily and hormonal reactive skin.
  • Last but not least, Verità’s favorite ingredient is our Argan Oil from an all-women co-op in central Morocco, economically empowering them with every purchase.
  • Always toxin-free!



Our Argan oil is source from a women’s Fair Trade cooperative in Morocco that is 100% certified organic.

Ingredients: Women’s Fair Trade Coffee*, Fair Trade Coconut Palm Sugar*, Fair Trade Argan oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Apricot Seed Oil*, Walnut Shell Powder, Cinnamon Spice*, and Clove Essential Oil*. This product is made from 100% organic* ingredients.

Absolutely NO synthetic chemicals.

No Parabens – No Phthalates – No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates – No PEGS (polyethylene glycols) or petrochemical products – No Alcohols


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